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Here Come The Videofreex (Music From The Film)


Buy Here Come The Videofreex (Music From The Film)

This offer contains:

-I Know It's Running
-Here Come The Videofreex #1
-Introducing The Portapack
-CBS and Nancy Cain
-Guitar Descent, Chicago 1968
-A Lot of Young, Scared Kids
-Gotta Do This
-Here Come The Videofreex #2
-Guitar Descent, Deadline
-Real Blood
-We Put Tapes in a Guitar Case
-Orphans Assemble
-Chit Chat
-Women's Liberation
-Money, Money, Money
-1971 (The Means of Mass Distribution)
-Abbie Hoffman's Transmitter
-Quite Idyllic
-Throwing Rocks at Dirty Hippies
-We Are All Videofreex
-This Fabulous Transmitter
-Something Exstounding Pt. 1 _ David Leaves

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-AAC (iTunes/iPod compatible)
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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